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Tongues of Men and Angels

Poetry collection from White Violet Press (2016). Now available for order on this website.

"Tongues of Men and Angels will give you a poetic kiss that plays for keeps. In poems that blend the verbal alacrity and formal complexity of Gerard Manley Hopkins with the ironic verve and cultural awareness of Allen Ginsberg, Joy Roulier Sawyer pursues a path of love and of longing, 'heaven's taste trembling on honeyed tongues,' but with this 'Note to self: give up enlightenment for Lent.' In feast and in fast, this fine collection will melt in the mouth. Taste and see."

Paul J. Willis, former Santa Barbara Poet Laureate, author of Say This Prayer into the Past

"Joy Roulier Sawyer gives us poems that are at once playful and wise, and in the sharp turns they make, full of revelations that transform language and experience into something new. The poem itself becomes a character in this collection as the poet addresses a range of subjects from the Underground Railroad to the contemporary challenges of being a woman writer. These poems take us places, too--Cape Cod, Dallas, Chicago, Hollywood--but it is the travel of the mind and heart that shapes their real journey. The union of fierce intelligence and gentle mastery of form Sawyer achieves makes these poems that, in her words, tenderly 'tell the toughest truth.'"

Katherine Towler, author of The Penny Poet of Portsmouth: A Memoir of Place, Solitude, and Friendship and co-editor with Ilya Kaminsky of A God in the House: Poets Talk About Faith

"What I love about Joy Roulier Sawyer's poetry is that she takes us with her to deep places, but always holds a twinkle in her eye, play in her heart, and in each hand a feather plucked from the Wild Goose. From Cape Cod to coneheads, Kerouac to Carmen Miranda, this warm and wise poetic voice coaxes us ever forward with its music. 'Even these couplets got legs?' Indeed, they do."

J Diego Frey, author of Umbrellas or Else and The Year the Eggs Cracked

Selected Works

Poetry Book
"Blends the verbal alacrity and formal complexity of Gerard Manley Hopkins with the ironic verve and cultural awareness of Allen Ginsberg." --Paul J. Willis, former Santa Barbara Poet Laureate
Poetry Therapy Textbook
Revised and updated the third edition of the classic academic textbook by Arleen McCarty Hynes and Mary Hynes-Berry (North Star Press, 2012).
Nonfiction Books
"A rich and enriching book, a gift of both poetry and faith" --Dan Wakefield, author of New York in the Fifties

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