Joy Roulier Sawyer, City Park, Denver


Joy's poetry collection, Tongues of Men and Angels, is available through this website, as well as Dancing to the Heartbeat of Redemption and the Hynes & Hynes-Berry bibliotherapy textbook.

To order, just send her an e-mail here.

Also, feel free to drop her a line if you're interested in poetry readings, workshops, or retreats--or if you'd like to pursue one-on-one poetry mentoring and coaching.

Selected Works

Poetry Book
"Blends the verbal alacrity and formal complexity of Gerard Manley Hopkins with the ironic verve and cultural awareness of Allen Ginsberg." --Paul J. Willis, former Santa Barbara Poet Laureate
Poetry Therapy Textbook
Revised and updated the third edition of the classic academic textbook by Arleen McCarty Hynes and Mary Hynes-Berry (North Star Press, 2012).
Nonfiction Books
"A rich and enriching book, a gift of both poetry and faith" --Dan Wakefield, author of New York in the Fifties

Poetry Links