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Biblio/Poetry Therapy: The Interactive Process

Selected by poetry/​journal therapy pioneers to revise and update the third edition of this classic bibliotherapy textbook (North Star Press of St. Cloud, 2012). Available on this website.

Biblio/​Poetry Therapy--The Interactive Process: A Handbook was first published in 1986. Now in its third printing, this is a classic text for those studying bibliotherapy: the use of literature in all its forms to promote mental health and cultural understanding.

The Hynes and Hynes-Berry four-stage bibliotherapy model is used by now used by social activists, poets & writers, clinicians, educators, and spiritual directors around the world.

Arleen Hynes, O.S.B. (1916-2006), established the first comprehensive hospital-based training for biblio/​poetry therapy at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Her daughter, Dr. Mary Hynes-Berry, uses her lifelong interest in the power of stories as a teaching/​learning tool in her work as a faculty member at the Chicago-based Erikson Institute, A Graduate School in Child Development.

"The only indispensable textbook for learning the art and practice of bibliotherapy/​poetry therapy." --Kenneth P. Gorelick, MD, PTR, past president of the National Association for Poetry Therapy

"The most comprehensive textbook available in the field of biblio/​poetry therapy today." --Sherry Reiter, PhD, LCSW, BCT, PTR-MM/​S, past president of the National Association for Poetry Therapy and the National Federation for Biblio/​Poetry Therapy

Selected Works

Poetry Book
"Blends the verbal alacrity and formal complexity of Gerard Manley Hopkins with the ironic verve and cultural awareness of Allen Ginsberg." --Paul J. Willis, former Santa Barbara Poet Laureate
Poetry Therapy Textbook
Revised and updated the third edition of the classic academic textbook by Arleen McCarty Hynes and Mary Hynes-Berry (North Star Press, 2012).
Nonfiction Books
"A rich and enriching book, a gift of both poetry and faith" --Dan Wakefield, author of New York in the Fifties

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